Septa strategic business plan

The report cited increasing transit use - but decreasing funding - as a reason for its downgrade from transit "D" grade in ASCE's Report Card.

SEPTA Celebrates 150 Miles of Success

SEPTA's comprehensive approach to customer service training is expected to yield a return in several areas. The investment in our infrastructure was done out of necessity, but has proven to be invaluable. Promote volunteerism among all employees.

Over the past two decades, SEPTA has made a series of investments in the building that have transformed an energy-hogging, s-vintage commercial office building into a shining example of 21st century energy efficient design. Gallon capacity of the cistern at 46th Street Station used to capture stormwater and irrigate the next-door Walnut Hill Community Farm And yet, with a newly deregulated electricity market and rising fuel prices, energy consumption is an increasing challenge to not only its environmental performance but also its fiscal stability.

Projects underway have begun to improve energy efficiency and reduce septa strategic business plan energy intensity of SEPTA's vehicles and buildings. Those that plan ahead will be ready to confront new obstacles and opportunities that arise.

Today, we describe one of those resources: The energy storage device would capture, store, and reuse electricity generated from braking trains, improving energy efficiency and reducing demand along this important corridor.

Environmental Protection Agency EPA to significantly reduce air emissions from one of its six diesel-powered maintenance locomotives. Tons of food collected from passengers and employees during annual food drive 7. The Authority is believed to be the first U. With a greater recognition of the strong linkage between public health and transportation, I believe we can build a network that supports our mobility and creates access and economic strength while promoting equity, sustaining our good health and quality of life.

How are sustainability principles changing approaches to transit management? A Plan to Improve Energy Intensity Performance Goal 3 March 25, While SEPTA's award-winning Market Street headquarters is perhaps the best example of its proactive approach to energy demand management and conservation, it is just one of several components that make up the organization's strategy for improving the efficiency of its facilities and vehicles.

For example, using natural light and LED lights are key energy conservation strategies, but they also improve workplace visibility and safety. Five OCS lines have been completely replaced, three have been partially replaced and two will be completed over the next two years.

SEPTA Wants Public to 'Respect the Train'

All side streets in the construction areas will be closed to thru traffic, but local traffic will be permitted up to construction sites. The gradual aging of the American population, combined with an emerging generation of highly mobile and tech savvy young adults, is changing the ways in which transit is used and perceived.

Demographic shifts are beginning to have a profound impact on the competitiveness of transit as a mode of choice. SEPTA's size, coupled with the specialized skill-sets required of many positions, demands proactive planning to ensure that SEPTA adequately recruits, trains, and retains a crop of skilled professionals that will serve as a pipeline of emerging talent for future positions of leadership.

The track in this area was installed in the s.

SEPTA Awarded Grant To Help Purchase 10 Electric Buses

Number of new hybrid-electric buses received total fleet: Yet most are flailing around, launching a hodgepodge of initiatives without any overarching vision or plan. Weekend work may be required to maintain the project schedule.

Many years of strategic investments coupled with a small yet enormously impactful policy change. Two features define this heightened standard more than any other: The programs have been on-going since FY and will continue to be expanded in scope.

For SEPTA, energy consumption is driven by the fuel and power needed to run its vehicles and operate its facilities.SEPTA Approves FY Operating & Capital Budgets Financial Efficiency The SEPTA Board approved Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Yearthe month period that begins July 1, during its regular monthly meeting on May 28, By making this transition, the Human Resources Division will help to advance SEPTA's Strategic Business Plan (FY) goal to attract, develop and retain a diverse, healthy and versatile workforce, a crucial step in achieving a vision to become the region's preferred choice for transportation while providing a healthy work environment for.

SEPTA Awarded Grant To Help Purchase 10 Electric Buses

SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY AGENDA REGULAR MEETING To Be Held at PM JULY 24, B. Adoption of the Five Year Strategic Business Plan for Fiscal Years to C.

SEPTA aims for happier riders in proposed 5-year plan

Consultant Amendment Easements to SEPTA for Use in the Development of a Parking Lot in Radnor Township. Public comments on the plan will be accepted through June 20; they can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] or by postal mail to Strategic Planning &. WHEREAS, the Strategic Business Plan identifies SEPTA'S vision, mission statement, core values and strategic objectives to guide divisional planning and initiatives for the pertinent.

septa strategic business plan – fiscal years through The passage of Act 89 in is a watershed moment for transportation in the Commonwealth.

Track Renewal Project Scheduled Along Route 15 Trolley

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Septa strategic business plan
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